Dental Implant

Permanent Tooth Replacement

An alternative way of replacing the tooth is to insert implant into the jawbone to support the false tooth (teeth) as it is the most natural way of replacing them. Such implants may become firmly attached to the bone and act in a similar way to how a tooth root would be. So They are an effective way to return your mouth to its original function following teeth loss. Regardless of the reason for the tooth loss, implants can be used for almost all adult patients regardless of age. Teeth are replaced by attaching them to implants that have been inserted into the jawbone.

If an implant is placed as soon after a tooth is extracted, the jawbone is preserved and its further loss is prevented. For this reason, it is recommended not to delay the decision to place implants, as the bone will be lost in time which can make the placement of implants much more difficult.

At Chiswick Dental Care, our Dental Implants are made from a Titanium screw which is bio-compatible and will not trigger any allergic reactions.

The surfaces of these implants are intended to permit fusion to the nearby bone. An Implant will become a part of you, making it a long-term solution to replace missing teeth. An Implant is effectively placed in the hole left by the tooth root.

An Abutment (which is a small object) is secured to the Implant then a Crown is fixed to the Abutment. When a patient is given an Immediate implant placement, this means that implantation is carried out at the same time after extraction into the extraction socket. The benefit of having this done is that it can be fitted from start to finish in one appointment.

Many factors are key to the success of dental implants – your oral and general health, whether you smoke, and the amount of bone available at the site of the proposed implant. So All of these factors are evaluated and discussed at the time of your consultation.

At Chiswick Dental Care, we combine clinical implant expertise with affordable and outstanding aftercare whilst using the very latest in modern technology, so we can provide you with the very best solution for your teeth.

Missing Teeth

When you lose your teeth, this can affect your ability to chew and can affect your confidence when you smile.  So You may feel that bridges or dentures are the only solutions to replace these teeth. However, when you come to Chiswick Dental Care, we can also offer you dental implants as a permanent tooth replacement.

Dental Implants are a permanent replacement for a missing tooth or multiple teeth

They can also be used to secure and stabilise dentures.

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Once teeth fall out, the bone in which they were embedded gradually disappears because it is no longer necessary to support the teeth.

The lost bone and tooth (teeth) are usually replaced by fixed bridges or removable dentures to restore mastication. speech and appearance.

As with all artificial alternatives, there are drawbacks to these replacements. Dentures reduce your ability to eat as well as normal teeth would and you can also suffer from poor retention. Whilst, bridges involve cutting away healthy teeth in order to provide support for these missing teeth.

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